Binhai Science Museum receives Special Mention in Architizer A+ Awards
10 June 2022

Categories: Announcements

The Binhai Science Museum in Tianjin received a Special Mention in Architizer’s A+ Awards in the category of Architecture +Metal category.

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Made of anodized aluminum, the panels of the envelope are installed with a 30mm joint—a small tolerance achieved successfully by the contractor. There are approximately 3,600 panels in total of about 140 different sizes, factoring in custom cuts, notably where flat surfaces intersect with round window apertures and conical surfaces. The curvature of panels was cold-formed on site. The perforation pattern is based on a 20x20cm grid with groups of holes in three different diameters. The panels come in three colors to produce a vertical gradient. The randomization of both the perforation and the gradient result from a computer script and manual adjustment.