Architecture Concepts: Red is Not a Color Released
30 October 2012

Categories: Announcements

While Tschumi’s work has been documented extensively in his Event-Cities series, intended primarily for architects, students, and specialists, no single publication has taken on an in-depth investigation and analysis of his work for a broader audience. Not just an illustrated survey of projects, the book presents both images and the theoretical or contextual back story of each project, giving equal weight to word and image. This approach makes the work accessible and re-examines what a book about architecture can be. The book also includes a substantive new essay written by Tschumi titled “Architecture Concepts.”

From Tschumi’s early Manifestoes and Advertisements for Architecture inspired by conceptual art to the narrative exploration of The Manhattan Transcripts to the Parc de la Villette, the concert halls at Rouen and Limoges, and the recently opened Acropolis Museum, the book presents a journey through the architect’s most significant work set in the context of a rich history of architectural ideas. Written for the lay person as well as the specialist, the book intersperses excerpts from key theoretical texts with an illuminating narrative about the condition of architecture today. The narrator is “you,” simultaneously an observer of and a protagonist in architecture.