Counter-tour: Bernard Tschumi’s Cut
31 January 2019
Bernard Tschumi presents an alternative reading of the exhibition Architecture Itself and Other Postmodernist Myths, curated by Sylvia Lavin, through a counter-tour. Counter-tours propose critical, subversive, and alternative visions of an exhibition through encounters with the perspectives of special guests who are equipped with a projector to digitally add objects and a black cloth to remove existing objects from the galleries.
MuséoParc in Alésia receives First Prize
21 January 2019
The French Ministry of Culture has just announced that the MuséoParc in Alésia, by Bernard Tschumi Architects received First Prize of the Patrimoines pour tous 2018 Award (Landmarks for all). The Prize awards cultural environments that succeed in establishing “a remarkable approach regarding accessibility for people with disabilities.”