National Library of France (TGB)
Paris, 1989

This competition entry for France’s national library proposed a new type of library, one that combined the pursuit of modernity with the pursuit of knowledge and the athlete with the scholar. The program was about circuits and movement—movement for scholars, books, and visitors—and so the entire architectural scheme was developed around a constant dynamic. Opening simultaneously onto the Seine River and onto the rest of the world through the internal circuits of library culture, the building was intended to act as an urban generator for a new part of the city. Inside, there were multi-media circuits for the public and circuits for the storage and retrieval of books. On the upper level was an exhibition circuit and, outside, a running track, designed with the assumption that the athlete of the 21st century would be an intellectual and that the intellectual of the 21st century would be an athlete. Needless to say, the project lost the competition. more

Program: Cultural, Educational, Public Buildings