Museum of Modern Art
New York, 1997

Bernard Tschumi Architects was selected as one of three finalists for the expansion and renovation of the Museum of Modern Art. The project offered challenges not only in expanding and rethinking the Museum’s spatial needs for the next century, but also in developing innovative museological proposals to allow both for interdisciplinary exhibition frameworks and for the presentation of current and future art characterized by public content and media. However, the constraints of the site itself, marked by a collage of existing buildings and by complex zoning regulations, also presented challenges. The existing site conditions ruled against starting from the outside—from platonic or ideal volumes—and in favor of starting from the inside, carving a series of interior spaces that would function somewhat like an outside, but inside. In this interior “city,” the elevations would reveal the logic of the interior route rather than following esthetic compositional rules. more

Program: Cultural, Museum, Public Buildings