Aphrodite Astir Hotel
Athens, 2008

How can one offer up the mythical beauty of the Mediterranean Sea while respecting its delicate balance? How can one provide an intimate place to enjoy the quiet Saronic seaside a few kilometers away from the bustling metropolitan center of Athens? How can one have a full range of services without altering the landscape?

We wanted to preserve the natural landscape of this breathtaking site as much as possible. We also decided to maintain a low structure close to the topography and to retain the existing access road. The coastal relief helped us provide a view from every room, suggesting a ribbon or “string” curling along the steep slope and enveloping three-dimensional exterior spaces, while offering both the intimacy of interiority and infinite views open to the horizon. As it unwinds, the string dissolves into the woods, with bungalows gently inserted into the rocks near the bluffs.

Program: Housing