M2 Metro Station
Lausanne, 2006-2008

The M2 Transit Hub has had a long incubation period, marked by three distinct phases. In the early 1990s, Bernard Tschumi submitted a competition for the redevelopment of the Flon Valley. The “Bridge-City” scheme included a series of inhabited bridges over the Flon Valley. While the redevelopment of the valley lapsed without funding, local transit authorities approached Bernard Tschumi and M + V for the design of a new transit station, the first phase of which was completed in 2001--a light rail station characterized by red printed glass, a new pedestrian bridge, and connections to the valley at the Place de l’Europe.

The second phase was to incorporate a ticket counter, escalators, and a subway station as part of the transit hub complex. The new building, which features a dramatic concrete fold covered with a green roof, and a long pedestrian ramp, addresses these programs while expanding the first phase to the west, creating further transit connections at the heart of the city. more

Program: Infrastructure, Public Buildings