Tower ArcelorMittal Headquarters
Luxembourg City, 2017

The main challenge of the project was to conceive a building that would immediately express its functions through its volume and silhouette, while adding vitality to the subdued, bureaucratic surroundings of the office sector of city of Luxemburg. Composed of three distinct volumes articulated through two intervals, our building establishes a dialogue with the main scales of the site, both at street level and at a distance.

We developed a concept that takes advantage of programmatic requirements. Our 100m tower is composed of three distinct parts in a vertical sequence of volumes articulated by garden terraces. The lower volume is public, containing a conference center and restaurants; the middle volume is intended for rental offices; while the top volume is reserved for the Head Offices of ArcelorMittal.

Providing a symbol of advanced and innovative steel construction in the 21st Century, the Tower relies on two steel-braced frame cores surrounding the stairs and elevators to resist vertical and lateral loads and to provide overall stability. Each floating volume provides a network of full-height trusses at the lowest level that cantilever out from the core.

Program: Offices