Yinxu Ruins Museum
Anyang, 2019

First, our proposal for the Yinxu Museum is a new type of institution for conservation and display. Designed simultaneously for researchers and the public at large, there are no precedents for this museum.

Second, it is a museum that bridges the past and the future. Archaeology should not be anchored in nostalgia and pastiche. In our museum, we wanted to celebrate the archaeological history of China in Yinxu through a contemporary symbol that would have world-class significance.

Third, our museum is an important part of the city. Its urbanity is expressed through three elements:

a) The Base, with its central Mall that offers a dialogue between the sacred of the collections and the profanity of the shops, restaurants, cafes, lecture halls and souvenirs.

b) At the Top, the Observatory, namely our River Gallery, as it provides an extraordinary view towards the river, city and surrounding areas. It is an extroverted museum.

c) The In-Between, a vast hanging garden for the use of everyone. It will be an extraordinary space for the public and will bring the city into the Museum. more

Program: Museum