Shenzhen Finance Cultural Center
Shenzhen, 2021

A new type of facility is being planned for Shenzhen: A Finance Cultural Center (FCC). Combining a Museum, a Trading platform, and a large multifunctional Auditorium, the FCC aims at providing a place of history, creativity, and invention: we call it the Chance Meeting of Finance with Culture, Nature, and the Future.

The Finance Culture Center is one of three important Cultural institutions interacting with one another so as to generate a new urban dynamic. It was crucial to us that the Finance Cultural Center express a clarity of purpose. Its location at the intersection of two major axes of Shenzhen made us select a round configuration, equally visible from all sides.

By lifting the main volume off the ground, we simultaneously provide a strong urban presence and a transparent relationship with the adjacent park. The circular geometry elegantly relates to all parts of the environment, whether the waterways nearby or the tall buildings in the background.

The envelope is patterned with abstractions of the digits 0 and 1, alluding to the digitalization of culture and finance. The 15 types of configurations and combination of patterns create a dynamic expression of the architecture. With LED lighting, the envelope highlights the unique identity of the Finance Culture Center as it integrates into the urban environment. more

Program: Cultural