Bridge City
Lausanne, 1988
Carnegie Science Center
Pittsburgh, 2000
Cultural Center
Bordeaux Cenon, 2006-2010
ECAL School of Art
Lausanne-Renens, 2005-2007
Glass Video Gallery
Groningen, 1990
Le Fresnoy Art Center
Tourcoing, 1991-1997
Le Rosey Concert Hall
Rolle, 2009-2014
Limoges Concert Hall
Limoges, 2003-2007
Media Zone Master Plan
Abu Dhabi, 2008
Mediapolis Masterplan
Singapore, 2008
Museum for African Art
New York, 2000
Museum of Contemporary Art
Sao Paulo, 2001
Museum of Modern Art
New York, 1997
Paris, 2009-2014