New Media Technologies Expo 2004
Paris Saint-Denis, 2001

The image in all its manifestations formed the theme for the Paris International Exposition 2004. The unifying spatial concept of the exposition, which was to include pavilions from multiple nations, is thus the juxtaposition of different kinds of images—moving versus surface images, the image of the part versus the image of the whole, and images that shock versus smoothly continuous filmic images. These images in turn can be broken down into composite elements—namely, points, lines, grids, frames, and pixels—that have architectural analogues in the master plan of the exhibition. The plan includes a central court, gates, bridges, national pavilions, kiosks, and an auditorium, all located on a 51-hectare site in Seine-St.-Denis, a community just north of Paris. more

Program: Cultural, Infrastructure, Master Plan, Performance, Public Buildings