Media Zone Master Plan - Competition
Abu Dhabi, 2009

After we completed a master plan for the new Abu Dhabi Media Zone, the client asked Bernard Tschumi Architects to engage in various discussions for the identity of the towers, including a limited competition. We chose to re-imagine the entire project as architects charged with interpreting the master plan as though we had no prior experience with the project, with fresh eyes.

Our Links-Shabaka project radically re-imagined the master plan. Orienting the towers north-south, instead of east-west, not only allows for a strikingly streamlined silhouette from the water, but also gives maximum sun exposure to the East and West facades, which are then treated with a full mesh of photovoltaic panels, filtering light while producing energy. Linking several towers together adds a dynamic dimension of world communication. more

Program: Cultural, Educational, Infrastructure, Master Plan, Offices, Public Buildings