Chronomanifestes Exhibition Opens in Toulouse
27 September 2013

Categories: Inaugurations, Events, Announcements

Organized chronologically, this classification is deliberately abstract, evading ideological groupings and geographical origins. Starting at the beginning of global communication in the fifties, many of the protagonists presented influenced each other either personally or through publications and magazines. The exhibition proposes the evolution of polemics and the emergence of a new discourse as illustrated by the selected projects.

The exhibition and the individual works can also be read continuously, as long mural evoking different times and sensitivities that fed the city and architecture from the 1950s through 2010. However, it becomes clear that the strict chronology of the creation of works does not always follow a conventional narrative logic . If there are suggestive juxtapositions, relationships are left open to the viewers interpretation as transitions from one year to another show different sensibilities that collide and clash as much as they extend the discourse. The show also is a tribute to FRAC Centre’s historical role, and pays homage to directors Frederick Migayrou and Marie-Ange Brayer, who facilitated the show with Tschumi.