Le Rosey Opening
25 August 2014
Carnal Hall, the new concert venue and center for art and culture at Le Rosey, the prestigious Swiss boarding school, will open in an inaugural performance on October 2, 2014, in Rolle. Tschumi’s design for the project consists of a low stainless steel dome over a rectangular wood concert hall and is a strikingly contemporary addition to the historical campus.
New Hague Passage
10 August 2014
Opening the 18th of September 2014, the New Hague Passage, to be called De Passage in Dutch, is Bernard Tschumi Architects’ first built project in the Hague. The new building is built around an interior passage, which connects to the 19th century passage at the north end, and the busy Grotemarkstraat at the South. The complex contains a hotel and retail shopping on two levels in an 11,500 square-meter complex. The building’s distinctive blue and white tiles and free-form fenestration create a contemporary expression that mediates between old and new in the historic city.
New Books
04 August 2014
Several new books by Bernard Tschumi have been published in the spring and summer of 2014, to informally coincide with the exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In addition to the exhibition catalogue, Architecture: Concept & Notation, a bestselling bilingual edition published by the Centre Pompidou, there are books on the Parc de la Villette, Tschumi’s sketches, and the Paris Zoo. The first book, published by Artifice Books in French and English, Tschumi Parc de la Villette is the first book by Tschumi to fully explore the park’s design in detail with essays by Tschumi, Anthony Vidler, and Jacques Derrida. Another book, Notations: Diagrams and Sequences, collects for the first time Bernard Tschumi’s sketches as a visual argument for concepts in architecture. Also published by Artifice Books, the title is released in separate editions in English and French. Finally, a book in French on the Paris Zoo is titled Architecture Zoo with photographs by Iwan Baan, published by Somogy. Also published is the first French-language edition of Architecture and Disjunction and a children’s book on the Parc de la Villette, Archicube.
Bernard Tschumi Retrospective Exhibition Opens at the Centre Pompidou
28 April 2014
Bernard Tschumi’s retrospective exhibition documenting 40 years of theoretical and built work opened on April 28, 2014 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The museum presents the first major retrospective of the work Bernard Tschumi in Europe. Working closely with the architect, the exhibition is to include nearly three hundred fifty drawings, sketches, collages and models, many of which are previously unseen and unpublished.

With exhibition design by the architect, the original works are supplemented by documents, artifacts, and films placing the work in cultural and historical context. Through built works and theoretical exercises, the exhibit explores the transformational process of an idea or concept in the evolution of an architectural project. The exhibition documents for the first time the Bernard Tschumi’s process as much as his finished works.

The exhibition highlights the three sections of Tschumi’s work, consisting of the architect as theorist, cultural prescriber, and builder. The work is developed thematically and chronologically through five thematic periods in the exhibition (space and event; program and superimposition; vectors and envelopes; concept, context, and content; and Concept-Form/'>concept-form).

The exhibition will be open to the public April 30 – July 28, 2014.
Pompidou Exhibition Catalogue
17 April 2014
Bernard Tschumi’s work will be documented in a comprehensive exhibition catalogue, published in French and in English by the Centre Pompidou in conjunction with Tschumi’s solo show this spring. The 256-page volume features essays, projects, texts, and historical and archival material, and is the first major monograph on Tschumi’s work to be published in France. The book is set to be released on April 23rd, and preorders can be made here. From the publisher:

“Published on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition of the work of Bernard Tschumi at the Centre Pompidou, this catalogue retraces key moments in the architect’s practice. Abundantly illustrated, it argues two fundamental points at the center of Tschumi’s work. First, architecture must be made out of ideas and concepts before becoming form. Second, it cannot be dissociated from the events and movement of the bodies that inhabit it. In consequence, architecture demands new modes of notation to construct an architectural language capable of embodying the interactions between space, event, and movement."
ACSA Keynote Address in Miami
12 April 2014
Bernard Tschumi delivers one of two keynote addresses (with Zaha Hadid) at the 102nd Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Annual Meeting. Tschumi’s talk was held on the upper level of 1111 Lincoln Road, the parking garage by Herzog & De Meuron in Miami Beach, Florida, followed by a reception. At the event, Mr. Tschumi received the Gold Medal Award from Tau Sigma Delta honor society for architecture.
Opening of the Zoo
27 March 2014
After being closed for five years, the renovated and re-imagined Zoo de Vincennes in Paris will open on April 12. With buildings designed by Bernard Tschumi urbanistes Architectes with Véronique Descharrières, the completely transformed zoo will house animals from French-speaking territories divided into five different biozones designed by Atelier Jacqueline Osty and Partners. The focus of the redesign puts greater emphasis on natural habitat, so as to provide a better platform for the zoo’s pedagogical and ecological agenda.
Centre Pompidou Exhibition Announced
12 March 2014
Following exhibitions devoted to the work of Jean Nouvel, Thom Mayne, Richard Rogers, and Dominique Perrault, the Centre Pompidou will host the first major European retrospective of the architect and theorist Bernard Tschumi. The exhibition, which opens to the public on April 30th and runs through July 28th, showcases some three hundred and fifty drawings, sketches, collages, and models, many of them never shown previously. The installation designed by the architect also features archival documents and films. On view will be over thirty projects in Europe, the United States, China, and the Middle East, including the new Parc Zoologique de Paris, scheduled for inauguration shortly before the exhibition opens. more
Symposium at Yale
21 February 2014
Bernard Tschumi participates in a symposium at the Yale School of Architecture, titled Digital Post-Modernities: From Calculus to Computation. Tschumi lectures on modes of notation and paperless studios and the digital transition that happened during the 1990s at Columbia and elsewhere. Other symposium participants included Greg Lynn, Peter Eisenman, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Charles Jencks, and Frédéric Mirgaryou.
MAAXI Lecture for Anima
07 February 2014
Bernard Tschumi lectures at the MAAXI in Rome about the ANIMA cultural center planned for Grottammare, his first commission in Italy.