Architecture Zoo

Bernard Tschumi, Véronique Descharrières, Iwan Baan


ISBN 2757207881

Conceiving the architecture of a zoo is not all that simple. If the housing of human beings is made up of history, traditions and styles, should that of animals imitate their original habitats? Is it possible to gather together under the same covering the visitors, the technical buildings and the zoo dwellers? Bernard Tschumi City Planners and Architects, along with Véronique Descharrières gave much thought to such questions to bring about the rebirth of the Vincennes Zoo, ten years after it was closed to the public. 3D pictures, scale models, blueprints and drawings allow one to understand how the architectural project was conceived, in which the animal dwellings became, in the course of an intellectually inventive journey, that of humans. To capture this new scenography of the living the photographs of Iwan Bann present to us, in its most marvelous light, this double architecture, where culture and nature meet each other and meld together.